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Slip and Fall Settlements Amounts in Canada

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Slip and Fall Settlements Amounts in Canada

Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts in Canada

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere and anytime. It could be partially your fault or of the other party. Before filing a slip and fall injury lawsuit against someone, you need to perceive the basic rules of the law.

Besides, you need to know how much money you’ll get if your case is settled informally or in rare cases, goes to trial. Your case can be different than the previous cases.

Still, there are a few key factors to consider while determining the worth of a personal injury lawsuit.

Today, we are going to discuss the facts, time limits, and amounts of slip and fall settlements in Canada. So, let’s look into the article.

Slip and Fall Settlement Amounts in Canada

Canada pays a large amount of compensation money for the victim. They are very compassionate to the injured. After considering a situation, the compensation money could be double or triple than the original debit. As we said before, it all depends on the circumstances.

What to Do After Your Accident?

Make sure that the documentation is retained by the parties concerned. If you slip and fall on a city pavement, for example, you will have 10 days to contact the authority.

Gather documentation from the crash scene- the items you fell on, the shoes and clothes you were wearing at the time of accident.

It also includes missed earnings or hospital expenses incurred as a result of the fall. You should gather the photo of your injured area and the report for your medical expanse.

Last but not least, contact a very suitable and experienced slip and fall lawyer to run your case.

Factors That Influence Slip and Fall Insurance Settlements

5 factors influence the case and increase or decrease the settlement money. These are –

  1. The Extremity of the Slip and Fall
  2. Liability
  3. Medical Expenses
  4. Long-term Consequences
  5. Age

1. The Extremity of the Slip and Fall

In slip and fall accidents, victims may sustain a variety of injuries. It can be fractured bones, torn ligaments and tendons, severe brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, etc.

Some of the slip and fall victims may expect a complete recovery after some time. On the contrary, others with severe cases will be left with lifelong disabilities. The more serious the damage, the higher the payout number.

2. Liability

You are not immediately entitled to get the settlement money if you fall on anyone else’s land. So, you share some of the blame for the injury.

That is why the investigation is important depending on the situation. The amount of settlement you get for your slip and fall allegation is largely determined by the level of blame.

The amount of money you receive will be limited by the proportion of blame you are given for the injury. It is decided under the British Columbia Negligence Act.

For example, imagine you are passing by someone’s property and for the slippery road. Then you fell and broke your hip.

Now, the case will go to court. The court will see if there were any danger sign in front of the property. It is also considerable if were you walking down the streets using a cell phone or were anyhow distracted?

Because, if any one of these happens, you are partially at fault. By this, your compensation money can get deducted to more than 25%.

3. Medical Expenses

In these cases, medical bills include not only past and present expenses, but also those that will be incurred in the future. Severe injuries can necessitate many surgeries over time to time.

There could also be the need for long-term nursing care and medical supplies. Additional bills such as testing bills, medicine bills, wheelchair prices could be included.

That is why keep all the records and receipts to get the maximum payback for your injury.

4. Long-term Consequences

Some victims would no longer continue their old professions because of permanent disability due to injuries. Hence, they lose their earning ability.

For example, you used to play football for maintaining your life. Now, you have broken your hip or lost a leg. So, you can no longer play and earn in this profession.

Similarly, if the disability prohibits you from doing things you used to enjoy, your settlement should provide compensation for that. To get the best of it, you should hire an experienced lawyer who could give you the proper justice.

5. Age

Slip and fall lawsuits are often affected by the plaintiff’s age. The BC court gives great importance to the age of the victims.

A young adult is much more likely than an older person to recover from a crash. The Golden Years Doctrine says that a person’s skills are limited when they become older, makes an illness a much bigger insult.

So, for the older victims, the money scale gets higher than the young people as the recovery rate of the young people is quite high.

Slip and Fall Settlements Amounts in Canada

Informally, if you settle in a meeting outside the court with both of the parties’ lawyers, you will get a higher reward. Because it saves the high costs of going to trial.

Slip and fall injuries frequently have a crippling impact on a victim’s life. It could result in high hospital costs, recovery, and a lack of earnings or earning potential.

In Canada, you can only get the compensation money for your pain and suffering caused by someone else’s fault up to $360,000 (more or less; depends on the severity of the accident and the situation).

If the disability prevents you from spending time and money with your families, you might be entitled to compensation.

How Long Do Slip and Fall Settlements Take?

If your case is transparent and evidences are sufficient, it can be completed in a couple of weeks to months. However, in most cases, it is not clear who is to blame for your injuries or what caused them.

Both of the party will try to blame the other party for ignorance and try to mitigate their faults. The talks may fail and the lawsuit goes to arbitration. Because of the complication, the case may even need a long litigation process.

In these cases, the procedure may take months or even a year to reach.

Moreover, it takes time to complete these processes such as recovery, filing complaints and summoning, receiving the defendant’s answer, sending a demand letter, pre-trial stage, pre-trial motion, settlement, and in rare and critical cases, trial, etc.


As a victim and a Canadian citizen, it is your right to claim settlement money from the fault party. Avoid corruption to earn extra settlement money.

After the accident, go see a doctor, record all the details, and find a lawyer who is experienced. The rest will be determined by the circumstances.



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