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The team at Surrey ICBC lawyer handles all aspects of personal injury law. You can get help with any case that involves one negligent party harming you and causing you either physical loss, financial loss, or both.

We do specialize in some specific areas worth knowing about.


ICBC Claims

No-fault ``Part 7`` claims are usually quick and easy to file because ICBC only pays a fraction of what it would pay for a tort or negligence claims. Anywhere in BC both drivers usually have ICBC insurance, and so it benefits them to try to treat as many claims as possible as no-fault claims. This is true for both motorists and motorbike riders. Thus, ICBC claims can get very complicated very quickly when you don't agree the other driver isn't at-fault, and when Part 7 benefits aren't enough to cover your loss. That's why you'll need expert legal help to protect yourself.

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Commercial and Truck Accidents

ICBC is involved with these claims as well, but trucking cases get more complex. You cannot afford an inexperienced lawyer, because it's important to avoid treating these cases as if they're just another auto accident. For example, you need a lawyer who knows how to detect and investigate National Safety Code violations, as well as other aspects of the case. The injuries in truck accidents tend to be more extensive. This also makes them more expensive. You can expect every insurance company involved to fight hard. Prepare to fight back.

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Pedestrian and Bike Accidents

Pedestrians and cyclists may make claims against ICBC if they have their own insurance policies, or if the driver who hit them has one. Yet pursuing fair compensation can grow extremely complicated. If ICBC can prove the pedestrian or the cyclist was at fault, they don't have to pay anything. As you can imagine, it's even more vital to have a personal injury lawyer in these cases. It's very rare for ICBC to just pay even their Part 7 claims in these cases, let alone agree to hold drivers accountable. You need a tough lawyer on your side.

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Slip & Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can cause severe injuries. If the victim is elderly, it can even be a reason for lost independence. Yet winning a slip and fall case isn't always straightforward. Your presence on the property alone isn't enough to secure compensation. You need lawyers who can help you refute common defenses to slip and fall cases. Our lawyers are experienced at showing judges, juries, and insurance company lawyers why they should pay your claim.

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Whatever you do, don’t attempt to navigate your personal injury claim without legal guidance.



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