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When do you need an ICBC claims lawyer?

In general, in Surrey, both drivers in a vehicle accident are going to have ICBC insurance coverage, as every driver in the province is required to purchase this insurance. You’d think this would make claims quick, easy, and simple.

Are ICBC claims ever straightforward?

Sometimes they can be. “No-fault” claims have specific policy limits that ICBC usually pays out quickly when you have two drivers who are both covered. They’ll pay each driver medical costs up to $300,000, and wage loss up to $740 per week. If you have collision coverage they’ll repair your vehicle.

If your losses aren’t going to be worth much more than this basic coverage then you might not need a lawyer. The point of a personal injury case is to get the compensation you need to address your expenses.

When do ICBC cases get complicated, and why?

If your injuries are serious and extensive, and the other driver was at fault, your case gets a lot more complicated. This is especially common in motorcycle cases. Riders tend to take heavy-duty, life-altering injuries in vehicle crashes. Statistically, motorists cause most of these accidents, but stigmas attached to riders can make it hard for a rider to get justice unless they are working with a lawyer who is experienced in both motorcycle cases and ICBC cases.

If you are not responsible, ICBC has to pay a lot more. They start having to make payments beyond the limits of this basic coverage. They also have to pay out compensation for your pain and suffering. Naturally, ICBC doesn’t want to do that. Thus, they’re going to do everything they can to avoid having to do this. They will fight you on it, and they may even try to trick you into taking actions which hurt your ability to collect.

If you are found “partially” responsible they get to reduce benefits and payouts by the amount you were responsible. They also get to raise your premiums.

In addition, BC drivers aren’t the only ones you’ll encounter on the road. You can end up in collisions with out-of-province drivers who have different insurance policies, complicating matters even further. You can even end up in a collision with a US driver! As you can imagine, pursuing claims across national lines requires special finesse.

Our lawyers know exactly how to handle each of these cases so you can get the money you need to meet the expenses your accident has created.

If you have to ask whether you need an ICBC lawyer, you probably need one!

Yet you don’t have to engage in guesswork. We offer consultations, which means you can just call and set up an appointment. Bring the facts of your case as you understand them and your questions.

If we decide to work with you then we will help you file your ICBC claim. That way you won’t risk making mistakes that create problems for you later on. We’ll then start investigating the facts of your case so we can help.

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