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Insurance Corporation British Colombia or ICBC created back in 1973 by one of the Provincial parties of British Columbia with an aim to provide universal compulsory and affordable auto insurance. It was opened in the British Columbian Province as a not profit venture. However, in 2010 the government announced that ICBC would be required to pay province dividends up to $700millions. Since then it has switched to a For-profit Canadian auto insurance company. Since then the responsibilities which have branched out to ICBC is also taking care of other things than automobile insurance like, road safety initiations, vehicle registration or driver license.

Collision Claims Guidelines in Surrey

ICBC promises to cover all the vehicle repair cost in case of an accident only if the other party is wholly or partially proven to be a part of the collision, but damage to another vehicle caused by yours is not covered. If the firm finds you greater than 25% responsible for the car crash, you have to pay more for the insurance. In Surrey, for dealing with the legislature, coverage problems or with ICBC surround accident issues, hit and run cases, etc. they have a team of dedicated Surrey ICBC claim lawyers. In few cases,hearing Surrey ICBC claim lawyersis not quite necessary but in some serious cases do  recommend it strongly.

Accident Lawyers in Surrey

As the third-largest city of British Columbia. Surrey regularly deals with huge amounts of traffic leading to an average of meeting with 190,000 Surrey car accidents.  This is the reason why many good Law firms dealing such cases have produced talented Surrey ICBC claim lawyers.

These lawyers will successfully finish your settlements in the first 48 hours of the accident and you would be happily prancing your way to claim for the medical expenses for the future.


Now the major question is how much would it cost to hire a Surrey ICBC claim lawyer? The good news is that some firms producing Professional Surrey car accident lawyersdo not charge you with additional service charges. Rather they only charge legal fees, if they obtain an ICBC settlement for their customers. More of such provisions are extended to customers like

  • Free consultation
  • Talk –to-lawyer programmes
  • Easy and secure live chats
  • Compassionate and professional team of lawyers
The professional services provided by surrey icicle lawyers and law firms are
  1. A comprehensive injury reviewing

Medical records will be obtained and the extent of medical injuries will be detected with the help of the consultant.

  1. Professional and timely paperwork handing

The case would be filed with the required paperwork of ICBC. The matter would be handled professionally meeting all required deadlines.

  1. Direct negotiations
Direct negotiations will be done with ICBC in order to gain the deserved funds.

Thus, Surrey ICBC claim lawyers are on their toes to give their experienced services in order to give their customers satisfaction and peace of mind.