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ICBC Injury Claim Calculator [Complete Guideline]

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ICBC Injury Claim Calculator [Complete Guideline]

Injury Claim Calculator

Injuries can be traumatic but make sure your recovery is not. When you’re injured in an accident, you can recover money for your injuries through an ICBC injury claim. But, how do you know how much your ICBC claim worth?

The value of each ICBC claim can be determined by the ICBC injury claim calculator. As you know, each ICBC claim is different from than others. How much you can recover relies on a few factors. Such as;

  • Who is at fault?
  • How are the injuries or injuries type?
  • The aftereffect of injuries on the victim’s life and employment

Calculating personal injury compensation is not easy unless you know how those work. If you are unable to understand the relative range of damages, you are in the safe hand.

Here we’ll try to explain to you everything related to calculating ICBC injury claims. So you can understand if the insurance company is cheating you. Let’s get started without exaggerating further.

ICBC Personal Injury Settlement Value

After an accident, the first thing that happens is negotiating a settlement value before making a claim. It means calculating a reasonable amount for which you would give up your legal claim.

There is a common formula used by many insurance companies and injury layers, called multiplier. Here all your personal injury payouts are multiplied by a certain factor.

How Personal Injury is calculated

Insurance companies and injury lawyer employs two methods for calculating ICBC injury compensation – the multiplier and the per-diem rule. In each method, the amount you get depends on several factors.

Each of the compensation is calculated based on the following factors;

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of ability to earn
  • Future loss of ability to earn
  • Future medical expenses (estimated)
  • The multiplier for general damages

Personal Injury Settlement Calculator – The Multiplier Formula

The multiplier can be a number from 1.5 to 5, depending on the severity of the injury. It denotes the pain and suffering from an injury. How to decide the severity of the injury? To get the answer, as yourself;

  • How badly are you injured?
  • How long you have to stay in the hospital?
  • How much your medical expenses will be?
  • How it affects your daily life?

Answering the following can help you decide the level of the multiplier.

The Formula:

(Medical expenses: past and future) x (multiplier – 1.5 to 5) + (lost earnings +property damage +future lost earnings + future medical expenses) = personal injury settlement value

Personal Injury Settlement Calculator – The Per Diem Rule

Not all personal injury lawyers or insurance companies choose the multiplier method. Some of them use a method called, per diem rule. Per Diem rule refers to the settlement value to claim per day.

As per this rule, the insurance company has to pay a certain amount each day to the victim. Per day amount can range from $50 to any.


As mentioned, there are a lot of online calculators available to check what you can get from your injuries. You may get an estimated value as close as the laws say.

Note that this value may not be as appropriate as done by a specialized lawyer. These personal injury calculators shouldn’t be trusted for final compensation.

How Much and When Will I get Paid?

How much money you can recover for your injuries can vary for different accident cases. The first thing it depends on is the type of accident and who is at fault. There are two types of an accident;

Accidents where you are not At-Fault

Personal injury settlements are needed when an accident happens and someone else is at fault. The value for these settlements can range from $10000 up to millions of dollars. If the other party causes the injuries, their Third Party Liability policy will pay for you.

However, if the driver’s vehicle is uninsured, ICBC will still pay for your injuries. In that case, you’ll get up to $200,000 under Uninsured Motorist Policy. The amount you receive depends on;

  • The amount needed to treat your injuries
  • The amount needed to repair your car
  • Whether your ability to earn is affected by the accident
  • Your sufferings after an accident

The settlement amount for this case can be very large if you are a high money earner. Because of the accident, you cannot work further. You’ll be awarded a handsome amount for your high-income loss.

However, the average personal injury payout is about $40000. This compensation amount aims to cover all the expenses related to injuries and damage to the vehicle.

Some claims will pay out less than this amount, while others offer more. According to the soft tissue injury settlement calculator, a typical soft tissue injury claim worth about $40000.

Accidents where you are At-Fault

If you’re injured in an accident and responsible for it, you can claim compensation under ICBC’s Accident Benefits policy. You can claim up to $150,000 for medical expenses. However, it is not a settlement but the money needed to pay for your treatments.

How Much is My ICBC Claim Worth?

No matter who is at fault, there are many sufferings waiting for you afterward. You can have both economic and non-economic damages due after an accident. The economic damages include expenses for medical bills, property damage, and lost income.

You may be able to get an exact number for your economic expenses. But, it is difficult to establish a relative range of non-economic damages. Below are the estimated values for non-economic damages happened after an accident.

· Pain and Sufferings

If you are suffering from pain and loss of enjoyment of life, you’re entitled to compensation for non-economic damages. The supreme court of Canada has currently set the value for non-economic damages up to $300000.

· Loss of Past Income

You are entitled to recover the past income loss if your injury happened due to the other party’s fault. The amount is calculated from the day of injury to the date of settlement. However, the total amount may not be recoverable.

· Loss of Earning Capacity

There can be cases when the injured person suffers from loss of income after the settlement. In that case, the injured person is eligible for compensation.

· Cost of Future Medical Expenses

The injured person is entitled to compensation for future medical expenses or care. It also provides the physical arrangements for assistance, facilities, and medications. Under this compensation, the injured person will also get home-care services like help in cooking and cleaning.

When Will I Get Paid?

It depends on the amount of money you want to give up in order to get your settlement. Generally, ICBC doesn’t settle a case before a trial. Any average case may take up to 2 years until a trial. The complicated case can take up to a decade to finish a trial. However, it is better to wait until the trial to achieve the full value.

Final Words

Hitherto, we hope you get an idea about how much money you can make from an accident. Calculating the exact value becomes difficult when you are unaware of the measurement of the ICBC injury claim calculator. In the ICBC injury claim cases, an experienced lawyer may help you know the exact value.



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