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How to Handle Hit and Run Accident Claims Against ICBC?

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How to Handle Hit and Run Accident Claims Against ICBC?

ICBC Hit and Run Accidental Claims

Accidents are not at all covetable. But due to reckless driving and violating traffic rules, road accidents have become a regular issue nowadays. ICBC Hit and run is one type of accident carrying out horrible consequences, both physically and property-related. There is an option for the victim to claim his reparations for his damages or injuries. ICBC insurance provides favorable support for hit and runs accidental claims.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run is a type of accident in which you or your vehicle get injured or damaged. And it happens due to another car driven by an unidentified driver. In this case, most of the time, the unknown driver leaves the accidental place as early as possible so that you can not know his name or identity.

It is not always necessary that you drive your vehicle at the time of a hit and run accident. You might park your carina parking slot and go for another job. When you return, you might get your vehicle injured. And there is no one to be found as guilty.

Further, you might face the accidental issue as a pedestrian as well. Suppose you are walking on a street or footpath, suddenly a bicycle comes and hits you. The cyclist didn’t find it necessary to stop; instead, he drove away quickly. That is also an issue falling under the hit and run accident.

BC and Non-BC Coverage

If you live within BC residential coverage for any accidental issues, physical injuries, or property damages caused by a hit and run accident, you can claim up to $200,000. But if there are other claiming opportunities for you, the amount might get fluctuated.

You can claim for your medical reparations only when you do not possess any other claiming opportunities. Your medical reparations might include- treatment and medicine costs, medical bills, expenses for funeral and death, weekly check-ups or therapy costs, and so on.

You can only claim if your opposition driver is guilty of the hit and run accident in case of property damages. If you live outside the BC area, you will not get any coverage for property damage or bodily injury.

In that case, if you want to take this opportunity, you have to purchase BC collision coverage. You can then claim your reparations with the help of ICBC. Always try to inform the authority and police about the hit and run accident as quickly as possible, obviously within 24 hours.

Hit and Run ICBC Claims

Once you are a victim of a hit and run accident, either physical injuries or property damages, you can claim your reparations taking help from ICBC. In order to claim your compensation, you have to maintain some steps such as—

  • The first and compulsory thing is you must inform the police quickly once the hit and run accident has happened.
  • You have to collect information like skid and debris marks from the vehicle and take photographs of these numbers. These help to locate the accidental scene more accurately.
  • Contact a lawyer and try to find a reconstruction engineer immediately(if possible).
  • For ICBC help, call them directly and inform them about the accident. Do not claim your reparations online.
  • Then go for collecting eyewitnesses. Talk to some nearby people if they saw anything. As the guilty driver leaves the place quickly in a hit and run accident, you might not have much information about him or the vehicle. Witnesses may provide you some information regarding this.
  • Take pictures of important signs and directions of the accident spot. Most importantly, start your dating stamps on your camera while capturing photographs. It will work as proof of the exact times.
  • You can even circulate about the accident seeking witnesses in the newspaper. Have the page of the newspaper in your collection for the date of the ad’s circulation.
  • Get in regular touch with the investigation officer who is in charge of your accident.
  • Collect information from the nearby and local vehicle repairing shops because your opposition party’s vehicle might also need repairing.
  • Keep all the information noted that you collect regarding the accident and the guilty driver.

Payment from Your Side

Under the ICBC insurance, you also have to pay some amount for the injuries as well as for the insurance deductible charge. The least amount you have to pay is $750. The amount might change depending on the circumstances and injuries. For the ICBC deductible charge, you might have to pay a little or nothing at all. It depends, actually. But your insurance premium policy will not have any changes due to the hit and run accident.

Sometimes, you might not have ICBC insurance on your own. You can then take help from other driver’s insurance. In that case, you have to keep updating him and the company about the payment from your side. If you disagree with paying, you might face ICBC hit and run penalty from the authority and the ICBC insurance.

What Should You do as A Witness?

As mentioned earlier, for your ICBC hit and run the claim for the reparations in a hit and run accident, you need some eyewitnesses? They will serve as strong pieces of evidence. If the case is with you, if you are any hit and run accident, you can also help someone act as a witness.

As an eye witness, you should do the following things:

  • As a witness, the first thing you can do is to collect information as far as possible. You can record or note information like vehicle number plate, date and time of the accident, description of the vehicle, and many more.
  • Take a photograph of the guilty driver if possible.
  • Inform the police about the accident instantly.
  • Make the witness form filled out for further legal supports.


Finally, it is almost clear what are the ICBC hit and runs accidental claims. ICBC provides massive support for the victim to get his suitable reparations. Although there are some differences between BC and Non-BC coverage, you can apply other options like purchasing ICBC collision coverage. Above all, try to avoid all kinds of accidents and ensure safe driving.



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