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ICBC Claim Time Limit

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ICBC Claim Time Limit

ICBC Claim Time Limit

The consequences that might happen after you stepped out of the home cannot be denied. Even if you are very careful, the other party can drive the vehicle so recklessly that you can get hit by that. These can cause minor to significant injuries or even death.

So, as a victim, you need to claim to get compensation for your medical bills, medicines, and others from the insurance company or defaulter. However, this claim is known as the ICBC claim. And in this article, you will get to know about the ICBC claim time limit.

Surely, to win the claim properly without any rejection, you need to communicate with an experienced ICBC lawyer. Keep reading the entire article, as you will get to know everything in detail with clarification.

What is The Standard ICBC Claim Time Limit?

The best time to make an ICBC claim is right after the accident occurs. But sometimes, the situation does not remain like that. So, keeping that in mind and understanding the injured person’s pain, the law said that the victim could claim within the 2 years of the accident.

However, the ICBC needs to be notified within 24 to 48 hours of the accident. ICBC will reply to you as soon as possible as they remain open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

ICBC 2 Years Limitation

As mentioned above, after the accident up to 2 years, the victim can make ICBC claims. This deadline is for British Columbia, and outside BC, the limitation may differ, which needs to be clear after consulting with a lawyer.

It is wise to file a Civil Claim report in a BC Courthouse Registry if you fail to begin a lawsuit at the right time. Moreover, the victim should not contact a lawyer when it is too close to the end of 2 years as a lawyer needs adequate time to prepare the case.

ICBC Claim after 2 Years

There are some conditions under which the victim can even make ICBC claims after 2 years. But these are very rare. Such exceptional circumstances are:

  • If the victim was under 19 when the accident took place
  • If the victim suffered hidden injuries that were not apparent for a long time even after the accident
  • If the victim had any life-threatening condition from pursuing an ICBC claim
  • If the victim identified the defaulter lately after the accident
  • If the victim does not accept or agrees with the amount for damages given by the defaulter
  • If the victim chose to accept WorkSafeBC benefits and WorkSafeBC decided not to give an ICBC claim.

ICBC Claim Settlement Process

If you have been injured in a crash, you perhaps feel overwhelmed and confused about what to do. So, the final thing you need to worry about is how and when to settle your claim. You might have a lot of questions, like,

  • When do I have to settle?
  • What will I get compensated for?
  • What is my settlement based on?
  • Will my medical treatments be paid for?

The best place to find the answer to all these questions is with your adjuster. They can explain the treatment options available. So, you can get in progress on your recovery right away and help you get repaid for any out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Communicating with a lawyer can help you to get the perfect settlement amount without any loss.          

Things to do Immediately after The Accident

Some essential measures are to be taken immediately after you face an accident. To prove your innocence, you need proof. So, if you are in such a state, then without losing any time, note down the time, exact address, vehicle number that hit you, and the contact information of the people around you who witnessed your accident.

Moreover, you can also suggest anyone who is with you to take the above information if your condition is too bad. The best would be to take some pictures of the accident spot. The police should be informed about the matter as soon as possible.

However, the victim needs to be hospitalized to ensure proper treatment. All the necessary tests are also to be done to get identified if there is any internal injury.

How Can an ICBC Claims Lawyer Help The Victim?

After an accident occurs, when the police reach the spot, they might claim the defaulter based on their situation. But an ICBC claim lawyer will take the investigation to the next level. The lawyer will ask the people around the spot, watch CCTV footage, check the tire, and any more to find out the main defaulter.

It requires a couple of weeks to go through this total procedure. So, it is essential to contact an experienced ICBC claim lawyer as they deal with such issues now and then.

You can knock us at SURREY ICBC LAWYER as we have more than 20 years of experience in this field. We understand your pain and suffering and will surely get your compensation for medical costs, car repairing, and others from the defaulter party.

The Bottom Line

Accidents are one of the cases that is familiar to everybody. Whether you are a car owner or a pedestrian, an accident can happen at any time without any invitation. But many things can be done to minimize the accident rate. For example, following the traffic rules, not doing other stuff while walking or driving, driving at an adjustable speed, and many more.

But once an accident occurs, it is essential to file a case immediately. If not possible immediately, then within the appropriate time. However, you have already known about the ICBC claim time limit from the above information, which is up to 2 years.

Therefore, if you want to receive compensation for your pain and suffering, you need to communicate with an experienced solicitor at the earliest possible time.



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