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Worst Mistakes to Make With Your ICBC Adjuster Which can Cost Your Settlement

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Worst Mistakes to Make With Your ICBC Adjuster Which can Cost Your Settlement

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There is no wonder that an accident is the most difficult experience of one’s life. The physical and mental trauma, the loss and the aftereffects- nothing can beat the feelings. But then comes the insurance process, which can make this situation even more complicated.

When an ICBC adjuster comes to investigate and take a report, it is your duty to provide the truth. But if you hide the facts and do not help him with the process, you can make a blunder out of it.

So, before claiming for your settlement, learn what to do and what not to do with your ICBC claims adjuster.

What is an ICBC Adjuster: Duties And Responsibilities?

Also known as a loss expert, he is the person in charge of evaluating the causes and circumstances that led to an accident.

The role of the adjuster is to represent the ICBC, to which he belongs. His duty is to go as quickly as possible to the place where the accident or mishap occurred. He is the one who will evaluate the damages, define responsibilities. And in turn, he determines the key aspects about the payment of the cover corresponding to the policy.

Once the adjuster reviews the details of the claim, he will be the one who will make the proposal. He will propose the compensation of the car to the ICBC.

Duties of an ICBC injury adjuster

  • Estimate the value of the objects before the loss.
  • Examine, investigate and determine the real cause of the loss.
  • Qualify report and comment on the coverage of the claim.
  • Determine if the claim and its causes are covered by the ICBC policy.
  • Determine the amount of the loss.
  • Determine the compensable amount.
  • Establish the salvage value.
  • Sometimes it negotiates recoveries of the loss with the person in charge of the same.

Worst Mistakes to Make with Your ICBC Adjuster: Never do These Following Things

After an accident, it is common for victims to make many mistakes when pursuing a claim. For this reason, we will explain how to avoid some of the most serious mistakes that victims make. Generally, these are the mistakes that lead them to receive precarious compensation.

1. Talking to the ICBC claims adjuster without a lawyer

Some people, just to save some money, do not consult with a lawyer. This is the biggest mistake on your side. The adjusters are trained professionals who handle their job very seriously. Their sole job is to save as much money they can for ICBC.

So, when you go to an ICBC claims adjuster, there should be an expert from your side also. Otherwise, you will not stand a chance.

2. Present the claim immediately, without waiting for the evolution of the physical injuries

It is wrong not to push the claim or take the steps in a timely manner. However, it is also wrong to claim damages in a hurry without being certain of the harmful result.

The reason is, when you present an incomplete medical report to the adjuster, he will try to use it against you. And thus, reduce the compensation that you deserve.

3. Give wrong or incomplete information to your ICBC claim adjuster

Often to hide our own fault and get away with it, we may tend to lie or even hide the truth. Do not do this with your ICBC claims adjuster. They are highly trained to find all the loopholes of your story and hold them against you.

You can lose the whole case if found guilty.

4. Sign anything without understanding it or the lawyer’s consent

It will be a huge mistake if you sign anything until you are fit enough to observe the document organization. It can be confusing during a traffic accident, and you might not be on the right mind to make a decision. To avoid any unpleasant situation, you must take your time to sign any document or take lawyer’s help.

5. Desist from the claim because of the confidence of the ICBC  claims adjuster

Giving up before starting causes some victims not to obtain fair compensation. Many victims fear claiming. They think that the obstacles are too many and that it is not worth risking time and money. Especially when the ICBC injury adjuster makes the case seem very difficult.

Any judicial process involves a risk of loss. No lawyer can promise clients specific results. These promises would not only be false but would also imply the commission of a disciplinary offense by the lawyer.

However, many times, it is worth the risk. The important thing is to make an informed decision and build a case that has strength and viability. Be patient!

The Procedure of an ICBC Claims Adjuster

It is important that you know the ICBC claims adjuster procedure when providing support in a road accident.

If you have any of these altercations, it is important that you contact your insurance company. Indicate what happened and share your location so that assistance can be provided.

Once the adjuster has arrived on the scene, what they will need to do is:

  • Show your adjuster certificate and verify the health status of the vehicle occupants.
  • Verify insurance coverage.
  • The adjuster will request the insured’s driver’s license, registration card, and policy.
  • In case there are injuries, and they have medical assistance coverage, they will be granted a pass for the review.
  • Provide legal advice to the beneficiary before the authorities present at the scene.
  • Assess the damages and liabilities on the vehicles involved.
  • Finally, it must inform you how the compensation will proceed and what are steps to follow for the repair or replacement of your car.

How Much do ICBC Adjusters Make?

An average salary of an ICBC claims adjuster is roughly around 60,000$.

However, the salary depends on the skill, experience, and performance like any other job. But this is a fairly well-paid job. One must achieve ICBC adjuster requirements to become a successful adjuster.

Here is a table showing an average estimate of ICBC claims adjuster’s salary:


Average $68,940 per year
minimum $40,000 per year
maximum over $100,000 per year
Average hourly salary Approx. $44

What Should I Tell My ICBC Adjuster?

The duty of the adjuster is to inspect the damage, as well as the position of the vehicles. It is important that the car is in the same place where the accident occurred. This is important until the corresponding authority or, where appropriate, your adjuster arrives. this will help him to have knowledge of the facts.

The auto insurance adjusters will be in charge of asking for your statement about how the accident happened. Try to answer in the most specific way possible.

And with this, a card will be filled out about the accident report. It will contain the damages that your car suffered that you should review in its entirety. While talking to him:

  • Do not lie
  • Do not exaggerate
  • Keep your lawyer with you
  • Do not argue
  • Do not make assumptions
  • Answer to the point
  • Do not get confused with your own answers.

How do I Contact ICBC Adjuster?

When suffering an accident, it is essential not to leave the place where it occurred. In the insurance policy, there is a telephone number to communicate with the adjuster. He will request the following.

  • Name of the insured and the policy number, in the same way,
  • The telephone number,
  • Place of the accident,
  • Details of the accident,
  • Data of the car such as license plate and model

Likewise, if there were injuries, the driver must provide the adjuster with data on the injured and involved persons.

Final Verdict

As a normal citizen who does not have much knowledge of law and regulations, it can get a little confusing. It is possible that when talking to an ICBC adjuster, we make mistakes that can hamper our case. For this reason, we always recommend consulting an expert who will guide you in the right direction.



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