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How much can You Claim in Regards to the ICBC Personal Injury Scheme?


If you have a car and you are up-to-date with your rights, you would know that it is very important to file a claim with ICBC after you have been in an accident.  It does not matter if you were at fault or not – that is the reason that there are different types of the category to your personal injury claim, Surrey plan. These plans offer different types of compensation in regard to the type of claim that you are applying and that is exactly what this article will educate you about.

 At Fault Type of Claim

Now, these are the claims where you have been injured at your hands rather than due to somebody else’s. In these types of claims, you can get up to 150,000 US dollars that will basically cover your medical expenses till the time you recover. Some cases are listed below to show some of the categories or types of claims included in this case.

  • Loss of Future Income – The money for this category can only be claimed if the injured person cannot recuperate in time to fend for himself and his family. People with long-lasting injuries who won’t be able to earn for themselves even after the settlement or trial are eligible for this type of claim.

Not At Fault Claims

As opposed to the first category, these claims are for a bystander, someone who had no active participation in the accident but has been injured. These settlements have no fixed value – it can go as low as 10,000 dollars or as high as up to millions, depending on how good your personal injury lawyer, Surrey is. Listed below are some of the sub-categories that come under this type of claim.

  • Cost of Future Care – When the diagnosis of your injury comes back and it appears that you have to have some more arrangements for your treatment in the future, the injured party is entitled to the cost of care arrangements from the responsible party. This is obviously only eligible if the injured party was hurt due to the fault of another person.
  • Pain, Suffering, and Loss of Enjoyment of Life – This is one of the most common claims seen by the Surrey ICBC lawyers. You are entitled to a non-pecuniary loss claim if you have been injured through the fault of another. You could get anywhere between 100,000 dollars and 300,000 dollars, depending on the current economic condition of your country. The best way you can win this claim is to wait for the reports of your injury and then take the claim to courts where they have already seen and acknowledged cases that match yours.
  • In Trust Damages – This is in the case of someone being involved in a motor accident, whether it be their fault or through the mistake of another. Near and dear ones who have helped the injured party with services, even when they had to struggle to get the money to do so, will also be rewarded. In any case, however, you have to keep a track of the hours they have put in so that your claim can be considered valid.


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