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10 Tips on How Can You Negotiate with ICBC

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10 Tips on How Can You Negotiate with ICBC


Can You Negotiate With ICBC? There is nothing tenser than negotiating with the ICBC (The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) for material damage to your car after an accident. As you see in the commercials, they promise gold and default, but when it comes to paying .forget it!

If you’ve been in a car accident without personal injury, no one was injured – you’ll need us. If your car requires repair or has been declared a total or unrecoverable loss, these tips will help you negotiate with the ICBC. 

Can You Negotiate With ICBC: Why negotiate with ICBC?

The most frequently cited reason for negotiating auto insurance remains the desire to lower the contract’s cost. It turns out that the insurance company may say that they are paying too much for car insurance. 

In another vein, each client may want to improve the protection they have enjoyed so far. The purpose of negotiating the auto insurance contract is then to access additional guarantees, often for a moderate price. The insured’s needs may have changed since the contract was signed, and a change of vehicle. A personal or professional lawyer or a secondary driver on the contract may justify the desire to renegotiate. 

You can negotiate your contract at any time, to try to lower your premiums or even extend your coverage. Also, remember to compare offers and favour brokers to have access to the best offers.

Consider the following, before trying to negotiate your claim or settlement without a lawyer: 

  1. The ICBC will always want to pay less than you deserve. The logic is very simple: they must protect their business, regardless of their situation.
  2. Everything you say to the representative of ICBC will be used against you, even if you are injured and have not been guilty of your accident.
  3. Worse, in many cases, the ICBC’s representative will ask you questions to manipulate you, and if you answer them without a lawyer, it will harm your claim.
  4. If you do not hire an experienced accident lawyer, you will not know necessary to refute the insurance company’s low offers. 
  5. A reasonable accident lawyer will represent you without paying (upfront) for medical treatments, car repairs, and other damages. And if you don’t win, you don’t pay. That is, if you do not win, the lawyer does not charge a penny!

In the unfortunate event of an accident involving a car, or any other form of transportation, the ICBC will always try not to pay what the victim deserves. 

Tips to Remember while Negotiate Your Auto Insurance with ICBC?

If your vehicle has been insured for some time with the ICBC, be aware that you can negotiate with the latter to lower premiums. Or even add additional guarantees free of charge. Nevertheless, it is essential to be in a position of strength.

1. Change Contract

You don’t really like paperwork (I understand you) and have never changed your contract since you bought your  Renault 9 years ago? Then it’s time to save money!

If you are on an all-risk formula and your car has lost its value, you can switch to a third party formula or even an intermediary.

2. Play the Competition

Secondly, ask for quotes from other insurers. Ensure that the coverage offered is at least equal, or even superior, and present them to your adjuster at ICBC. On its own, it should contribute to line up. 

If not, ask it, and it will execute quickly. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation each time you find a better deal. This will allow you to save money.

3. Be Fair

It is a fundamental principle: never try to defraud with ICBC. If this is the case, you risk a lot, particularly significant premiums, if it is not possible to insure yourself again.

Frauds often seem “tasteless,” yet they are outlawed. This is particularly the case for insurance as a second driver. Never insure yourself as such if you are not the main driver. In case of investigation (and this is common), you will pay dearly and farewell to your savings.

Likewise, when it comes to settling your premium, never forget to pay: this is a reason for termination. Reinsuring after completion is, therefore, exhausting and more expensive. Respect the rules; you will be better able to negotiate.

4. Insurance per Kilometer

By driving less, you reduce the risk of an accident, so it makes sense to pay less. If you drive very little, i.e., less than 5,000 kilometres per year, you will save money by subscribing to this type of contract.

5. Pay in One Go

If the annual insurance premium may seem high, you may be tempted to take the monthly debit to make the bill more digestible. Well, that’s a bad idea!

Indeed, by paying each month, a sum of between 1 and 3 $ will be added to each payment. Over the year, the additional cost can exceed thirty dollars.

As far as possible, it is therefore preferable to pay your insurance premium in one go, and it is more profitable although indigestible. But you will be rid of this expense for a whole year.

6. Increase the Deductible

Do you want to pay less each month? You have one solution: increase your deductible. But what exactly does it consist of? 

The deductible is the amount you will have to pay in a responsible accident if your vehicle is damaged. The higher the amount, the less you will pay each month. But in the event of an accident, the bill will be painful.

Discuss it with your ICBC. They will define with you the best compromise between reducing (a little) the monthly payments while protecting you in an accident. 

7. Compare the Offers

Do you want to see what the competition has to offer? So don’t hesitate. This will allow you to either renegotiate your current insurance or find a cheaper one.

In most cases, there are cheaper rates while enjoying the same guarantees.

But before you possibly switch to another establishment, make a proper termination; this will save you a lot of inconveniences, such as paying the entire current premium! The letter with acknowledgment of receipt is essential. 

8. Take the Lead

Several tips exist to save money on your car insurance. For example, some companies offer their users to take driving courses under challenging conditions. They allow you to see risk situations and sometimes to grant you a discount on your insurance.

If you can, put your car to sleep in a garage. The savings will be real rather than if you choose public parking. Likewise, it is better to have only one driver per contract. Secondary drivers increase the fare. If there are two of you and you have two vehicles: a single driver for each will be more financially advantageous.

9. Gather Your Contracts

Estimate with ICBC to join it. With several contracts with the same insurer, you will be able to start serious negotiations. You can then benefit from a discount on your car contract as well as your house or apartment.

10. Dare!

Last tip of our top 10: dare to approach ICBC to open negotiations. Explain your arguments and remind them that you are free to change insurers if their offer is not competitive enough.

Like any contract, it is possible to negotiate it, as long as your arguments hold water and not ask for the moon. Dare!

Bottom Line

Finally, can you negotiate with ICBC? Yes.

The best thing to do while negotiating with ICBC accident we have seen is to hire a private accident specialist lawyer. Only a private lawyer has the professional autonomy to offer the victim complete advice. Not only legal but also medical and technical.



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