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Differences Between Collision and Comprehensive Claim

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Differences Between Collision and Comprehensive Claim

Differences Between Collision and Comprehensive Claim

There are two types of insurance policies in the case of vehicles. One is a collision, and the other is comprehensive. You can claim according to its kind after a car accident or damage.

As there are differences between these two types, like that, there are some significant differences between collision and comprehensive claim. You just need to know when to claim what are the benefits.

So for that, read the whole article not to miss any of the necessary information as nobody knows when you need what.

What is a Comprehensive Claim?

A comprehensive claim is made when you have comprehensive car insurance. This insurance covers incidents like damages due to fire, attacking an animal, theft, natural calamities, and fallen objects.

Talking about natural calamities damage, many car damages claims destruction of the glass. So, to avoid this, it is better to use smart and robust glass to maintain the safety issue. But at a time, it is also very costly to install and repair.

The car may not be with the car owner all the time. And most of the time at that moment, such type of issues takes place.

What is a Collision Claim?

A collision claim is made when you have collision car insurance. This insurance covers incidents like damages due to two vehicles collide with each other. Among them, one is a defaulter, and the other is a victim. It can result in both temporary and permanent loss to life and vehicle.

Some other possible ways to claim this insurance are driving to a stationary object like trees, lampposts, ditch, pole, car flipping, and hit and run case. That means you are also somewhat responsible for this type of damage in some cases.

You can claim your loss according to its type, but it will be taken into consideration after a complete investigation.

Difference Between Collision VS Comprehensive Claim

From the above definitions, it is clear that there are many differences between these two types of claims. But to know about more detailed differences, read the below points carefully.

Control Over the Car

  • During a collision coverage, the car totally remains in the control of the driver while driving.
  • During a comprehensive coverage, the car totally remains in the control of nature or God.

Types of Injury

  • Injury caused by the collision of vehicles can be either permanent or temporary to both humans and cars.
  • Injury caused by the comprehensive is only to the cars. In rare cases, it can be to the car owner.

Money Claim

  • In the collision, you can claim money from the defaulter for your medical expenses and the car.
  • In the comprehensive, you cannot claim money from anyone; instead, you will get some money according to your car insurance.

Hiring a Lawyer

  • In the case of collision, you need to hire an ICBC lawyer for defending from your side.
  • In the case of comprehensive, you do not need to hire any lawyer as there is no defending option.

Signing Legal Papers

  • You will have to sign legal documents if you sit for settlement, and after that, you cannot claim for anything in the case of collision.
  • You do not need to sign any legal papers in comprehensive cases as you will not settle with anybody.

Benefits of Having These Insurances

There are many benefits of having such types of car insurance. One can enjoy free treatment and car repairing if he is the victim. Like this, there are also many more usefulness, and those are as follows:

  1. Your car will remain safe as it is under the surveillance of an insurance policy.
  2. You do not have to pay any money if you are the victim.
  3. The police are bound to take your case at any time.
  4. You will get full support from the lawyer.
  5. You may get a new vehicle due to excess damage.

Which Insurance Do You Need?

Both collision and comprehensive insurance will not let your car to go through costly damage repair. Therefore, it is beneficial for every car owner to have both the licenses.

You can apply for both if your:

  • Car is bought with your own money
  • Car’s age is less than 10 years old.
  • Car costs more than $3,000.

If you have your car, then it is genuinely required to have comprehensive and collision insurance.

If your car costs more than $3,000 or is less than 10 years old, it is also the best choice to have comprehensive and collision insurance. A car owner or a driver can buy both the insurances and the amount will depend on the vehicle type. But the average cost is $600 to $700 per year. And the premiums will cost up to $3,000 to $3,500 over five years.

Suppose your car is currently less than $3,000. In this case, you will need to spend more money on insurance than buying a car. But you will get a fair amount of compensation even if your vehicle is not that valuable in case of comprehensive insurance.

As a result, you can also buy a new car with that amount.

Coverage Limits

Comprehensive and collision insurance amount is found out by subtracting deductible from your vehicle’s actual cash value (ACV). Your car’s ACV will be considered according to the present market value.

Therefore, if your car is worth $25,000 and your deductible is $1000, then you will receive up to $24,000 for the vehicle. There should also be mention of taxes and fees that you paid at the time of purchase as you will need to spend these extra fees for your replacement vehicle.

Suppose your car is damaged in such a way that it passes the total loss of the insurance company. In that case, you must receive the money after deducting the deductible amount instead of compensation to repair your car. The total loss varies but ranges typically from 70 to 100 percent of the ACV.

Your insurance company can determine that a vehicle is a total loss before the repairing cost reaches. They will want to sit for a settlement, but you might not like their decision. In this case, negotiate with the company by showing them enough proof from the past years’ claims.

But, surely, your comprehensive and collision coverage will not be more than your car’s ACV.

Coverage Cost

The coverage cost depends on many factors like your age, gender, and driving record in your location. It is especially significant for collision coverage to find the defaulter at the time of the collision.

Insurance companies have all the information related to your vehicle. So, you cannot claim for extra money at the time of settlement. They will obviously set it according to the policy. But if they say a low compensation, then you can surely claim.

Location is also a significant issue. If you live in a rural area, you will get less compensation than living in an urban area. According to the research, $596 for collision coverage and $ 192 for comprehensive coverage is given per year.

This cost can vary from state to state. It may be too high in some state, and in other, it may be too low.


Hopefully, you have known about the differences between collision and comprehensive claim. Additionally, you have also learned all the necessary information related to both insurances. From now onward, you will not face any difficulties related to your car damage insurance.

Someone has to be defaulter while an accident as it does not take place all of a sudden. Try to know the real cause behind it and proceed according to that. Do not claim anyone defaulter without investigation. If you are right, you will surely get your insurance money without any delay.



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