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Worst Mistakes to Make With Your ICBC Adjuster Which can Cost Your Settlement

ICBC adjuster

There is no wonder that an accident is the most difficult experience of one's life. The physical and mental trauma, the loss and the aftereffects- nothing can beat the feelings. But then comes the insurance process, which can make this situation even more complicated. When an ICBC adjuster comes to investigate and take a report, it is your duty to provide the truth. But if you hide the facts and do not help him with the process, you can make a blunder out of it. So, before claiming for your settlement, learn what to do and what not to do with your...

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ICBC Settlement Payouts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

ICBC Settlement Payouts

While an accident and its after-effects are unmatchable in pain, the complications of ICBC Settlement Payouts are not any less. It is very important to have a clear understanding of how ICBC functions and the payout works. The payout of settlement varies according to different types of accidents and the severity of the incident. Usually, most of the cases that come to ICBC are related to whiplash, pain, and suffering. And today, our article is all about these. We are going to discuss all the aspects of ICBC payouts and the processes. Here we go. What Kind Of Claims does ICBC Settle? In case of...

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ICBC Claim Time Limit

ICBC Claim Time Limit

The consequences that might happen after you stepped out of the home cannot be denied. Even if you are very careful, the other party can drive the vehicle so recklessly that you can get hit by that. These can cause minor to significant injuries or even death. So, as a victim, you need to claim to get compensation for your medical bills, medicines, and others from the insurance company or defaulter. However, this claim is known as the ICBC claim. And in this article, you will get to know about the ICBC claim time limit. Surely, to win the claim properly without...

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How to Handle Hit and Run Accident Claims Against ICBC?

ICBC Hit and Run Accidental Claims

Accidents are not at all covetable. But due to reckless driving and violating traffic rules, road accidents have become a regular issue nowadays. ICBC Hit and run is one type of accident carrying out horrible consequences, both physically and property-related. There is an option for the victim to claim his reparations for his damages or injuries. ICBC insurance provides favorable support for hit and runs accidental claims. Hit and Run Accidents Hit and run is a type of accident in which you or your vehicle get injured or damaged. And it happens due to another car driven by an unidentified driver. In...

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10 Tips on How Can You Negotiate with ICBC


Can You Negotiate With ICBC? There is nothing tenser than negotiating with the ICBC (The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) for material damage to your car after an accident. As you see in the commercials, they promise gold and default, but when it comes to paying .forget it! If you’ve been in a car accident without personal injury, no one was injured – you’ll need us....

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