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Car Accident Insurance Claims Do’s and Don’ts in 2021

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Car Accident Insurance Claims Do’s and Don’ts in 2021

Car Accident Insurance Claims

I know why you feel interest to read this article. Actually you want to know more about car accident insurance claims do’s and don’ts. Don’t worry! After reading the full article, you will have proper knowledge about it.

Car accidents are almost common scenarios nowadays. Lots of people get severely injured and faced damages in car accidents. In order to get financial aid or other things, you must claim car accident insurance just after the accident happened.

But of course, there are some tricks on which you should and shouldn’t do while claiming your reparations because every single thing you do can make a difference in your claim.

So, let’s learn the details about the dos and don’ts in a car accident insurance claim in 2021.

How to Claim Insurance for Car Accident?

Car accident insurance takes your claims after you get injured in any car accident and then decides a handsome amount for your compensation reviewing all the necessary evidence.

In order to claim car accident insurance, you need to follow some basic steps at the initial stage. The steps include:

  • As soon as your accident happened, you must inform your car accident insurance company about the accident and your claims. You do it over the phone first. Later you have to give written documents, perhaps.
  • Make an FIR and involve the police in this case.
  • Arrange necessary documents and files and submit them to the insurance company and the police as per need.
  • You can make an online claim also.
  • After claiming, you can do other things, but first, reporting to the insurance company is a must.

How Much does Your Car Insurance Go up after an Accident?

Car insurance rates go up to different extents depending upon the seriousness of the victim’s injuries and damages. At fault and no-fault benefits are also available. But in most cases, car accident insurance average rate goes up to 31 percent.

It makes this reparation only when you face damages of $2000 or more than that. Instead, they often provide you a yearly amount of $450 for your injuries and damages. Other cases might be different from their insurance rates and amounts.

Dos and don’ts in a Car Accident Insurance Claim

When you become a car accident victim, you obviously claim your reparations to the car insurance company. But in the case of claiming the reparations to the insurance and dealing with them, people often make so many mistakes that they should never do.

Your every step influences the insurance company to decide your claims. That is why here go some instructions on what you should do and should not do in a car accident insurance claim:

The DO’s

Seeking Medical Treatment Immediately

Once you become a victim of a car accident, seek medical treatment immediately. Car accidents can cause severe physical injuries such as bone fractures, brain and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, etc.

You must take necessary medical care without any delay. This is the first and most essential thing you need to do just after the accident has happened. You can handle the other issues later on, but at first, you must need proper medical assistance.

Reporting Your Claim Quickly

When you are almost stable to handle all the things by taking primary medical treatment, you need to report a car accident insurance claim to the relevant authority. You have to report your claim as quickly as possible because, in some cases, the car insurance claim time limit is only 24-48 hours, for example, in ICBC.

If you report your claim after a limited time, the authority might not accept it. To better understand these issues, you can consult a professional lawyer who will assist you best in this field.

Documenting Injuries and Damages

In order to support your claim and further needs, you must keep documents of all the damages and injuries you have faced in the accident. You can take photos of the spot to record the proofs and collect witnesses who have seen the accident through their own eyes.

You can even maintain a diary or file to organize all the details and evidence so that you would not face any problem in finding them.

Keeping Receipts or Records of All Expenses

Another important thing is that you have to keep records of all the things you do after the accident. Even the receipts of all the expenses you have to face for your injuries and damages such as medical bills, medicine costs, vehicle repairing, legal expenses, wage loss, and many more.

All these receipts you might have to show to the court or the insurer so that they can understand your situation clearly. For that reason, you must preserve those.

Being Honest with the Insurer

One of the most important things to do while claiming car accident insurance is that you must be honest while dealing with the insurer. When you file any claim for car accident insurance, the insurance companies normally appoint an insurer to review and analyze all the necessary details about the incident before they decide your reparations.

Also, the insurer keeps you updated about what is happening and how much your claim is in progress. So, never do anything without informing them after filing your claim, which the insurer might seem doubtable. It could affect the progress of your claim.

Taking Legal Helps

Insurance policies and the claiming process are not that much easy to be easily understood by all the common people. Moreover, there are many issues regarding it, such as different kinds of interest rates, claiming amount ups and downs, signing up so many documents, settlement of the insurance, and many more. People often find them difficult to handle.

That is why it is almost mandatory for you as common people to hire an experienced lawyer as early as possible after the accident. The lawyer will assist you in all your steps regarding your car insurance claims.

The DON’Ts

Providing any Written Statement to the insurer

Never provide any written statement or recorded files to your insurer before the time you are assured of your claim details. Insurance companies appoint an insurer or adjuster to assist you with the insurance details. But as they are the insurance company employee, they will obviously try to work for the company’s benefits, not yours.

If you provide written documents or any files recorded, they might use them against you to make you prove guilty, either wholly or at least partially. It is just because to reduce the number of reparations you claimed. So, you have to consult with a lawyer earlier who can give you the best support in this field.

Direct Negotiation with the Accused Driver

It is one of the wrong things you make a direct negotiation with the accused driver after the accident. Never do this again. After an accident, every driver claims that they are not guilty rather, the other party is liable for the accident.

It often becomes harmful for you to talk to the other driver. He might get violent towards you, or other unexpected situations might happen. You better not make any direct conversation with him. You instead make your claim to the authority.

Accepting Insurance Company’s Offers Quickly

Insurance companies might offer you lots of benefits of finalizing your claims soon. They might convince you telling that settlement of your claim will reduce future hampers, and you will get so many other advantages.

They might provide you several documents to sign up for. But do not accept or sign in any insurance company’s offers too quickly. Another thing is that if you are not going through insurance for a car accident, never sign in any car accident settlement letter without insurance. Consult with your lawyer first.


Finally, we sum up a brief idea of a car accident insurance claims and don’ts. You must follow these instructions while making your own claim. Otherwise, you might have to face extra hassle and expenses as well. It is always better to hire an experienced lawyer to support and assist you in every step.



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