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How to Cancel Car Insurance


Car insurance cancelation is an easy and simple process. Generally, the complexity depends on which company you are insured. In some companies, you can cancel the insurance through a simple call. But some of the companies may involve you in many complexities like charging fees, etc. If you want to switch the insurance companies, the new insurer company can also help you to cancel the previous one. Anyway, in many cases, people need to know how to cancel or terminate car insurance. In this article, we are discussing how to cancel car insurance. After reading this article, there will be…

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ICBC Insurance Renewal Process


Insurance renewal is a process of extending your insurance contract with your insurance company. In the case of every Insurance, you have to renew your insurance policy at the time of expiring. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a prominent insurance company for their car insurance. They only provide car insurance policies in their province. In the case of ICBC’s Insurance, you also have to renew any kind of car insurance too. But the insurance policy renewal system is different here. They are providing 900+ broker for your insurance services so that you can easily be able to renew…

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ICBC Settlement Process

ICBC Settlement Process

Insurance Corporation British Columbia works for providing a reasonable insurance facility since 1973. It mainly supports for car accident and any personal injury. As many doctors ask for showing or contacting personal lawyers in dangerous situations, which might need a large amount of financial aid as well as legal procedures. So, it is necessary to hire a private lawyer immediately. What is Settlement: The settlement means a complete and ultimate resolution for the claim where parties reach into a mutual compensation rate. The importance lies because it will help you to understand all the procedures and requirements for covering your…

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